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jelazakazone mentioned the comm below. I know Tolkien fandom seems to be more friendly to established relationships than many fandoms, if only because many of the characters have been in relationships for thousands of years before we ever meet them! If you write this and are interested, check out the comm. Jela's post is included below the cut.

[personal profile] fleete and I have created a new comm/fest for established relationship fanworks.  This is a multi-fandom endeavor.  Please, surf on over and check out the intro post (linked below) and join in.  Also, even if you are not personally interested, I would appreciate it if you could mention this in places where people outside of Merlin fandom will see it.  The more the merrier:D


Welcome! Who We Are and How It Works
Who We Are
is a multifandom community focused on established relationship meta and fanworks.  We love established relationship (ER) works and want to see more of the, but for a lot of us, they can be hard to write.  Sometimes ER fic can be associated exclusively with domestic and fluff fic, and although we love those genres, we think ER fic can also be so much more.  This community is about playing around and experimenting with different ways of writing established relationship fanworks.  How do we create dramatic tension between a couple or moresome that's already established?  Here at establishedfest, we aim to find out.

Sound like something you're interested in?  Join the community!

ETA: non-romantic and aromantic established relationships are welcome too!

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