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little good things in RL

1. I'm sitting in on two courses this term: Topics in Philosophy of Religion and Medieval Philosophy of Language and Logic. The first one in particular should be a blast - I've never had a class with Brian Davies (though I've read a lot of his stuff), and I've also never taken a course devoted to philosophy of religion. The language/logic course is more for my dissertation, and with my adviser, but should still be good.

2. The Davies class has one book that's currently half-off on Amazon, and the other just uses online readings. When's the last time I got through a semester with less than $40 in books?

3. I had to scan some things and went off to the library this morning. There's nothing quite so nice as central air, and on a Saturday morning where no one's really around. The only thing better being the ice-cold diet soda I snuck in.

4. I emailed the call number to myself from my @fordham email address, and it lists me as "Marta Layton (Faculty (A&S))". That "faculty" bit seems so wrong somehow, but also made me smile. I know it doesn't mean anything special, but still it tickled me.

The big thing is... I bought a new desk. My old one is getting oldish, and I needed something more open anyway. This is 54" with a keyboard drawer + a regular one and a bookshelf down beneath. Kind of like this one, if you made it metal and added a shelf below:

This is one of my first major purchases I've made on my own. I'm mainly glad to have the trigger pulled.
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