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Thranduil in The Hobbit

TOR.n has a photo of Lee Pace dressed in his Thranduil outfit, taken from a movie-tie-in book.

Thranduil picture (spoilers, obviously)

It's hard to make too much of a photo, but he seems too... Lothlorienish? to me. That makes sense given Thranduil was a prince of Doriath, just like Celeborn, and also because he's just an elf with fair-colored hair. Also because he's Legolas's dad; there's a definite resemblance going on here.

Still, from a cultural standpoint, this look is too stern. Not really what I expected given the book - Thranduil is obviously a king, but this look makes him seem almost like a high elf. Which would be one of those things that ends up bothering me unless this is his look for council and they balance that with less regimented wardrobe in other contexts. I'll withhold judgment, of course, until I actually see the move.
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