fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

100 things #4

I've let my "100 things" series fall by the way side, but here's another quote that touched my heart. This is from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the movie version (but maybe in the book, too?). From the first meeting of Harry and Mr. Weasley:

Tell me, Harry; you must know all about Muggles. What exactly is the purpose of a rubber duck?

Harry is, understandably, a bit nervous about meeting his friend's dad for the first time. Mr. Weasley has just been set up as someone who does "raids" and works as a government official - and then Mr. Weasley comes at him with this question. It's so unexpected, so academic but lighthearted at the same time. Such a fine job characterizing Mr. Weasley and the Weasleys generally. This line never gets old, somehow, and as an academic myself, something about it is especially fun. Ah, Arthur, a researcher after my own heart...
Tags: 100things, fandom - hp
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