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I've somehow acquired two copies of Michael Sandel's Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do? It's basically an overview of several different theories of justice (Kant, Rawls, Mill, and Aristotle, along with libertarianism and the modern communitarianism movement [think MacIntyre]). It's not some abstract academic tome, though. Dr. Sandel is definitely a public intellectual and he's looking at how these philosophers approach a very specific issue: what do we mean by justice? Chapters on these philosophies are interspersed with chapters looking at practical contemporary issues, like whether paid surrogacy is ethical or whether the draft is more or less just than an all-volunteer (and paid) armed service.

Frankly, if I could require every politician, journalist, commentator, etc. read one book before expressing a political opinion in this country, I think this book would be it. It's not that I agree with everything Dr. Sandel has to say (I don't), but it does a good job of presenting the theories and their weak points using contemporary examples. All explained in a way non-philosophers can get.

Anyway, I have an extra copy. It's a little grimy and beat up, but definitely readable. I'd love to give it to anyone who's interested in this stuff and wants to read it. Comment with your email address (if I don't already have it) and I'll email the first commenter for their postal address. I'll even pay for shipping - I just want someone else to get some use out of it.
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