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[sticky post] fanfic master list

Below is a list of my various fanfic and blog posts discussing different books, TV shows and movies. Feel free to poke around and read anything that strikes your fancy.

The fiction in particular often carries specific warnings and benefited from the help of beta readers and (in the case of some poetry) co-authors. Rather than trying to recreate this information here, please find it at the archive where the stories are posted. If you've helped me out over the years and I haven't properly thanked you, please let me know so I can correct it. Most of the links point to ArchiveOfOurOwn.org, which I joined several years ago, and while I've done my best to give credit where due, I do know my own limitations in this area and am willing to fix any mistakes.

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A Gift-Fic for Me!

Go and read the thing: Royalty and Rue by Tyellas. Summary: Amidst Sauron's rise to power in Númenór, an exchange between Sauron and Tar-Míriel reveals the queen’s weaknesses – and her hidden defiance.

For this year's Fandom Trumps Hate auction, Tyellas wrote me a lovely moment between Sauron and Tar-Miriel/Ar-Zimraphel. There's such a finely-balanced sense of powr, of the different kinds of power people can wield, and of their vulnerabilities.

I love that Zimraphel isn't one of the faithful, or just one of the faithful - that psychologically and philosophically she's perhaps vulnerable and sympathetic to his ideology. She's not resisting him and Pharazon to the extent she is because he's opposed to the Valar, or even because of the pain he's (they're) bringing down on the people of Numenor. That aspect is there, but it's entirely enough (more than) that he's there, in her haven, and that he's terrifying.

I do love the ending, too, but I've tried now to say something about it three times and can't work out how without giving the game away. So I'll just say this: this fic is clever.

If you've read to this point you probably have more than a passing interest in Tolkien and Numenor, so you should really just read the thing already. It won't disappoint.

Jul. 15th, 2019

Note the days when I have access to an air-conditioned office during daytime hours, versus the days when I don't.

The universe has a cruel, cruel sense of humor.


I have it on good authority dreamflower02 recently had a special day. Hope it was a good one! And here's hoping birthday-greetings, like wizards, are neither early nor late but arrive precisely when they are meant to.

I discovered this at Tumblr. How wonderful!

Jun. 20th, 2019

I'm beginning to think Amazon locker is the future of shopping; or should be.

I get on my phone and pick out the one thing I need (a six-prong outlet with plugs on the side) at a relatively reasonable price. They get it to me in a day or two and email me when it's arrived with a code to pick it up. Since I'm not home during the day I have them deliver it to a 7/11 near my work, and on arriving go to the back, type in my code, and get access to just my item. That's at least as secure as leaving it on my porch (if I had one), and certainly easier than waiting around for the deliveryman.

It also solves a real problem brought on y free shipping for orders of any size: traffic congestion and the pollution that comes with it. Because if my purchases aren't individually at a level you'd need to ship efficiently, this lets Amazon or the UPS or whomever bundle them into something that is. It also guarantees merchant loyalty: it would be a real hurdle for me to buy from Bestbuy or some such, when I'd then have to manage some way to accept delivery. As if Amazon Prime wasn't enough of a built-in commitment.

Now imagine we combined this with a kind of on-demand shop for those things you need to try out before you buy them like clothes. Imagine if you could go Amazon or some such, pick out the items you were interested in in a few sizes, and have them sent to a local shop. They'd let you know when the items were in and you could go try them on and return them without having to pay if they didn't fit. The store wouldn't have to keep everything in stock in every size, would save a bunidle on staff and real estate, and probably offer much better service. They could get away with probably a store room, a dressing room or two, and a single clerk. And the shipping would probably be cheaper than shipping to individual homes. 

Just thinking out loud here, but I'd spend all my monies if they made it this easy.

Summer Holmestice 2019 is Icumen In

I've not done a proper promo post for Holmestice, which I'm participating in again this year. Bad Marta, no cookie, I know. So let's fix that.

If you have even a passing entrance in the Sherlock Holmes stories I really encourage you to check this one out. Stories run the gamut, from the major fandoms like Doyle, BBC, and Elementary to specific pastiches and adaptations to Great Mouse Detective and Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century. So it's a great chance to try out the smaller fandoms - you probably won't be the only one reading who doesn't know all the details. And the stories (and art, and videos, etc.) are usually really well done. Everything goes through at least one round of beta.

Posting starts June 1 over at Dream Width! I hope you'll check it out.

"Tolkien" biopic - who's watching?

Inquiring minds and all that.

I'll admit, I'm of mixed minds. I'm not really a purist, but I'd lay odds I know as much about JRRT's life as the filmmakers. Most fandom members, particularly those who have more than dabbled in Silmfic probably would, and that's not a criticism of the filmmakers. It's just that we're all geeks. I'm also really concerned they'll try to turn his WWI days into a parallel of balrogs and dark towers rising out of the earth, and just... no. For all the obvious reasons that would bother me quite a bit.

On the other hand, I really feel a kindred spirit in JRRT. I don't always agree with his views -- I disagree quite a lot, actually -- but there's something about his unique mix of scholar and (sub)creator. I guess I just feel at home with his soul, if that makes sense. And as many movies as I see, it seems a real shame to miss out.


The Old Rugged Cross, by Alabama

dreamflower02 posted the lyrics, which inspired me to poke around on YouTube and I stumbled across this lovely version of the old hymn. I think I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Southern boys (and girls) singing the old songs). What a welcome treat.

Also, to her and all who are celebrating it: A very good Easter.


I've started rereading the Silmarillion on a bit of a whim ('tis the season....) and I've been thinking about the Ainulindale

Specifically: why did Iluvatar "expound the theme" of the Song to the Ainur, rather than performing it himself, or indeed just having it exist in His Mind. What's the advantage of involving the Ainur, who seem to have been created particularly for this purpose? Broadly speaking, I mean — their role seems to be to take the general theme Iluvatar revealed to them and instantiate it, to give it a kind of reality. And obviously reality is better than merely conceptual/hypothetical in several important ways, but what's the value in doing this through third parties?

I have my theories drawing from some neoplatonic philosophy, and am toying with the idea of writing an essay on it all, just because I miss playing with the philosophy. But I'd be interested in what other people think, if anyone has any thoughts.

(*waves*, btw. I do realize I've been AWOL....)



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