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Below is a list of my various fanfic and blog posts discussing different books, TV shows and movies. Feel free to poke around and read anything that strikes your fancy.

The fiction in particular often carries specific warnings and benefited from the help of beta readers and (in the case of some poetry) co-authors. Rather than trying to recreate this information here, please find it at the archive where the stories are posted. If you've helped me out over the years and I haven't properly thanked you, please let me know so I can correct it. Most of the links point to ArchiveOfOurOwn.org, which I joined several years ago, and while I've done my best to give credit where due, I do know my own limitations in this area and am willing to fix any mistakes.

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Six Napoleons (re)read

Fun coincidence: sherlock60 is rereading "The Six Napoleons," the Doyle precursor to "The Six Thatchers." Join in!

I could comment, but really, I just need the zen this week.

Jan. 18th, 2017

I am fighting so very hard against the idea of writing a S3/4 AU where Mary is a sort of twisting of the Moran character, but still comes to play the basic role Moran does in “The Empty House.” It could be rather glorious. The basic concept sounds cliched even to my ears. Mary is a contract assassin who occasionally works for Jim, and who kills him after he fakes his suicide in TRF, and that secret (first keeping it, then the consequences from other Moriarty associates when she's found out and a desire to protect herself and possibly Rosie) put her at odds with John and Sherlock and Mycroft, and this is the confrontation the three of them have to work to overcome.

Which as I said sounds cliched in the abstract, but what I'm thinking of is a Mary who is cold-blooded and practical but not actually evil, yet through circumstance lands in the role of antagonist anyway. Also something that actually does the whole Final Problem/Empty Hearse story arc properly.

The problem is it would be a WIP. I don't do WIPs - hardly read them, haven't written them in a decade+. I'm not even sure I know how to do them properly, and the scope strikes me as... ambitious, to say the least. Also my creativity seems back but my execution not so much, and I do have at least two other fannish projects I want to polish off.

Still: I have so many delicious ideas here.

Someone talk me out of it, or into it?

Not to toot my own horn, but...

1) I can get medical records in faster than a speeding bullet (or before the doc slips out, which is pretty much the same thing).
2) Inbox zero!
3) Verified the insurance whose adjuster I've been trying to reach for six weeks now.
4) Probably some other stuff, too, because I'm just that good.

May actually get out of here at a decent hour and feel okay about it tonight...

Saw FIN. (So: spoilers.) I'd give it B- by its own merits, hovering somewhere around HLV or TBB. The biggest problem was I simply didn't care about the sister. I also didn't sense much connection, at all, to what John and Sherlock had been going through since TRF.

I'd like to suggest an alternate way of doing what I think this episode was aiming for: make Mary Moran. Don't kill her off, and come up with some suitable reason why she finds herself at odds with John and Sherlock. Don't make her evil -- make her  conflicted but ultimately a threat to them. To protect Rosie, herself, someone else. Or give her an ideological reason or, heck, *do* make her Moriarty's heir.

And use that to make John and Sherlock come together, go through a crucible and come out the other side as the team they were at this episode's beginning by some quirk of fate. Also, rather than making Molly... this travesty, why not use the fact that she betrayed Moriarty and forced Mary into this position. Use Mycroft's complacency in using "consultants," give us a reason why he stopped, have him be the one who put Mary in John's path for his own reasons.

Goodness, but there's such potential here if they'd just fallen their story through to its natural run, actually used the canon, actually written female characters worth a damn. You could even roll Euros into it, as a sort of partner for Mary if you wanted to do the complicated family thing.

I am... not thinking about Johnlock issues here. Can't make myself go there, and really you don't have to. Because there's just so much potential here, even without going there. Really --*really*-- such a waste.

Off to see FIN. Last thing I did before leaving work was submit our billing for the day, all 221 files of it.

This coincidence amuses me more than it should.


Jan. 15th, 2017

So, Sherlock.

I've been talking about this a bit over at Tumblr, but kept my thoughts sort of to myself over here. I have to say, so far I've been disappointed with this series. And a lot of that is boil-over from S3 disappointment of the type "I have bad feelings here but am withholding judgment until I see where they're going with this." The first two series will always be dear in my heart, and I love specific scenes from the last two series, S4 particularly. I just feel like the characterizations aren't there, that it's more about fizz-bang than telling a story that makes sense.

That's my impression through the first two episodes. I still haven't seen FIN, seeing it in the theaters tomorrow so holding off. And I'm trying very hard to ignore the wailing and gnashing of teeth coming from Tumblr, though I do have a very bad feeling here. Mainly it's come to be a fanworks delivery system more than a show, which is a nice universe to have, but not exactly a show succeeding in its primary function.

I've come a bit back to playing in the Tolkien sandbox, particularly the Silm corner of the fandom. One story that just needs a final coat os spit-polish, another I took an hour today to reread some canon and start outlining. I'd also like to write some Doyle fic but I really feel I don't know enough about Victorian times to do that well. I really want to, I just... I don't even know where to start there. I've been reading/re-reading the Doyle originals, and falling in love with them. So clever, so sweet, so much fun!
First, the mandatory RL update: I talked to my stepmum today and told her that I knew, was thinking of everyone but I really didn't want or need a great deal of contact just now. And I gave her a somewhat honest answer, too: while I'm not an atheist and not even anti-religious, for a whole host of reasons the way a lot of my dad's family approach grief and dying just isn't at all comfortable to me. I overstated that, but now is not the time to say, actually I'm at best an agnostic choosing to believe who finds great spiritual comfort in the intellectual exploration of religious themes and communal aspects with others who approach them the same way, I really don't see myself being comfortable in organized religion in the foreseeable future, particularly not the kind the rest of my family is finding their comfort in. (Which, I hasten to add, does not make me anything less than authentically Christian and Jewish, to the extent it's possible to be both simultaneously. Even Mother Teresa had her dark night of the soul.)

Really, it takes a very special person to have a spiritual crisis around a family member that's akin to being almost a closeted agnostic (which I'm not, except to the extent I kind of also am) more than theodicy coming back to bite me. This seems to be how I roll, though. I think I got across the fact that I want to be left alone, and geography being as it is, looks like that might actually work. Which does make things a bit simpler.

I've been not-thinking about it basically by reading "The Dying Detective" for the obvious reasons, which I started before I got the news but I read/re-read Doyle reaaaaaaaaally slowly. And I think those of you watching the episode are in for a wild ride because it's so similar to "The Final Problem." Even the turns of phrases are really similar, and in many ways (though not all), Holmes is even crueller to Watson than he was in FINA. (And poor Hudders!) I'm not sure I'll watch it right off. I want to, but I also don't want to remember whatever happens through the prism of RL. May just clean and do laundry and call it an early night.

Also got beta feedback on my Gorlim story today, which I've only skimmed but think I should be able to get that posted in a few days! Which would be a good start to the new year. I really do want to be writing more.


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