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Below is a list of my various fanfic and blog posts discussing different books, TV shows and movies. Feel free to poke around and read anything that strikes your fancy.

The fiction in particular often carries specific warnings and benefited from the help of beta readers and (in the case of some poetry) co-authors. Rather than trying to recreate this information here, please find it at the archive where the stories are posted. If you've helped me out over the years and I haven't properly thanked you, please let me know so I can correct it. Most of the links point to ArchiveOfOurOwn.org, which I joined several years ago, and while I've done my best to give credit where due, I do know my own limitations in this area and am willing to fix any mistakes.

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My come_at_once contribution is posted. Feel free to check it out if interested.


Title: Like This (on AO3)
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Molly/Irene
Word Count: 2,193
Warnings: depressing lack of kink, given the pairings and challenge. Also: abuse of Rumi

She’d answered the door, barefoot and flannel pyjama bottoms and a cotton tee I recognized as Jim’s, and then had unceremoniously deposited herself back on his couch. The butterfly tattoo on her ankle peaked out at me, a half-hidden secret not quite tucked under her thigh. Jim had looked up from his laptop then, introduced her as a friend of his from his Chicago days who was getting herself settled in London.

That was a lie, of course, but by the time I found out Jim had told so many lies (Galway-born, unassuming system administrator, not-gay, though he had oddly enough been telling the truth when he professed his love for Deep Space Nine), the ones about Irene hardly seemed to matter.

Art Meme - Vermeer

For the art-sharing meme making its way around LJ, hhimring gave me Vermeer. And I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, but as a Sherlockian, I did have a bit of a giggle at that choice.

But on a more serious note, I've always enjoyed the detail and realism of his work, how there's so much color (and such rich textured colors) even in people going about their daily life. THere's a touch of beauty about the mundane, somehow. A personal favorite: El Geografo [The Geographer].

On a personal note, there's a chance I've seen this one in person. I have a vague memory of one a lot like it, and according to Wikipedia it's on display at the Stadelsches Kunstinstitut in Frankfort. I've been to a few art museums in that city, but it's been more than a decade, so I can't remember the names or work out the precise timeline. Still, the possible connection is a neat one for me!

The Great Nor'easter

Well, yesterday certainly was Brrrrrrsday wasn't it? At least in NYC. But the city being thencity, we are more or less dug and salted out. Had a problem with the hot water heater but it should be fixed by tonight, and I'll take that in the grand scheme of things. The Internet held, and that's what truly matters.

It was a light day all around. Wore jeans to work and still took a cab, only to turn around five hours later and  go back home again. I picked up new pillows, dined on Chinese takeaway and hot cocoa and bagels, and watched The Great Mouse Detective for the first time, which was glorious.

Today I worked from home later than normal and even slept in a bit, and if I was smart I'd have stayed home entirely because it's a lawyer day and they probably have a skeleton crew. But my area is very accessible, and I like working from there better than home if only because it means I'm in Manhattan on a Friday night. So in I go. Kind of a lazy two days. :^)

Just checking in: I am warm, safe, and well. Also at work, so all of those things are relative, but at least the snow's on the other side of a window-pane.

Jan. 24th, 2017

It's really interesting to me how many Sherlock fans ate in such screaming denial abou t this latest series. Even as it unrolled, after each episode there were people actively wishing they'd been lied to. Now so many people are hoping and even expecting a fourth episode.

Do I seriously expect one? No. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't check Tumblr every morning in hopes of something substantive. Because: hope. It's fiendish and pervasive and so hard to kill. I want to love, or at least like, this.

Strikes me that we've had hope, and Faith, and charity in its way  (basically forgiveness is charity). But the greatest of these is love. May be something there.

Also: apparently "Lazarus" (working title for S3/4 fixer) is go. 1.5k into a first chapter this morning.

Six Napoleons (re)read

Fun coincidence: sherlock60 is rereading "The Six Napoleons," the Doyle precursor to "The Six Thatchers." Join in!

I could comment, but really, I just need the zen this week.

Jan. 18th, 2017

I am fighting so very hard against the idea of writing a S3/4 AU where Mary is a sort of twisting of the Moran character, but still comes to play the basic role Moran does in “The Empty House.” It could be rather glorious. The basic concept sounds cliched even to my ears. Mary is a contract assassin who occasionally works for Jim, and who kills him after he fakes his suicide in TRF, and that secret (first keeping it, then the consequences from other Moriarty associates when she's found out and a desire to protect herself and possibly Rosie) put her at odds with John and Sherlock and Mycroft, and this is the confrontation the three of them have to work to overcome.

Which as I said sounds cliched in the abstract, but what I'm thinking of is a Mary who is cold-blooded and practical but not actually evil, yet through circumstance lands in the role of antagonist anyway. Also something that actually does the whole Final Problem/Empty Hearse story arc properly.

The problem is it would be a WIP. I don't do WIPs - hardly read them, haven't written them in a decade+. I'm not even sure I know how to do them properly, and the scope strikes me as... ambitious, to say the least. Also my creativity seems back but my execution not so much, and I do have at least two other fannish projects I want to polish off.

Still: I have so many delicious ideas here.

Someone talk me out of it, or into it?

Not to toot my own horn, but...

1) I can get medical records in faster than a speeding bullet (or before the doc slips out, which is pretty much the same thing).
2) Inbox zero!
3) Verified the insurance whose adjuster I've been trying to reach for six weeks now.
4) Probably some other stuff, too, because I'm just that good.

May actually get out of here at a decent hour and feel okay about it tonight...


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